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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Life would not be complete without new Make Up Revolution products to add to my growing beauty pile. It's a known fact that once you start blogging about beauty, your make up collection starts to grow exponentially. Luckily there are brands like Make Up Revolution which are kind on the purse strings, pretty decent on the quality, and pretty awesome when it comes to coming up with product names. Here's what I picked up recently:

These Radiance Light Illuminators are the raison d'être for this entire haul. When I came across this highlighter palette, I knew it needed to be in my collection, especially after watching one too many Tanya Burr videos and lusting after that glowy, bronzed look. I think a decent highlight was the one thing my make up collection definitely needed, and I'm looking forward to working these three gorgeous colours into my make up routine. 

I'm yet undecided as to whether I prefer powder or cream blush, so when I saw this cream blush palette, I decided to pick it to finally answer the question. With 6 pretty pink shades, I think I've got my blush needs covered for the year, and all for under €10. 

THE EYESHADOWS | Beyond Flawless Ultra Eyeshadow Palette €10.85
With a name like Beyond Flawless, how on Earth was I supposed to pass this up? I hesitated between getting this palette and the 'Flawless' palette  which is a matte palette. Since I already have the 'Essential Mattes' palette from then, I thought the warmer, bronzer, tones of 'Beyond Flawless' would be more up my street. 

THE CONTOURING PALETTE | Euphoria Palette - Bare €8.14
I'm not sure if you can tell, but I find it very difficult to pass up Make Up Revolution palettes, and this Euphoria Palette in Bare is no exception. I love the idea of having six eyeshadows, blush, bronzer and highlight all in one place, and not having to worry about how to match them up. And the full-size mirror that comes with these sleek black palettes never disappoints. I'm not entirely sure how well the bronzer will go with my skin tone but we shall see!

I have so much love for the Ultra Brow Arch & Shape Pen from Make Up Revolution it's not even funny. If I can't find it in the morning there is absolutely chaos. So I thought I'd pick up their powder eyebrow kit, and see how it works for me. I couldn't wait to use it, and tested as soon as the post woman had delived it, and first impression? Meh. I'm a little wary of the shades - they might have possibly needed to come out with a Dark/Darkest eyebrow palette - and I'm not sure I even like the pigmentation, but we'll have to see. I've vowed to thoroughly test out a product before giving my opinion, so I'll give this a fair go before I decide whether I like it or not. 

I also received this super cute heart, which could either be a bronzer or an eyeshadow - I'm not sure! Either way I was very pleased to find it sitting amongst the rest of my goodies and look forward to trying it out (and potentially identifying what product it actually is). 

Have you bought anything from Make Up Revolution lately? 

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