Make Up Revolution | The One Stick Blush - Malibu

Monday, 8 December 2014
Another day, another ode to Make Up Revolution!  As I mentioned in my haul post, I'll be giving each individual product their own post as I've come to love them so much. With the virtues of the Awesome Double Flick Liquid Eyeliner and the Ultra Brow Arch & Shape already exalted here, it is now the turn of The One Blush Stick in Malibu

When I saw this shade I had to have it. I like pink blushers as much as the next girl, but I wanted something that I could wear that would mimic the natural flush of my face, and as a black girl, pink isn't it. So into my shopping cart Malibu went, and after the first couple uses, into my all-time favourites cosmetics list. Granted, it's the first blush stick I've used, but so far I have little if anything to complain about. It goes onto the skin vibrant, and then blends effortlessly to give a creamy glow that adds much-needed colour to my face. On a minimal make up day I use a BB powder, shape my eyebrows using the Arch & Shape, add mascara then two swipes of this and I'm good to go! Great for when you're running late.

The One Stick Blush is also multi-use, so I've been using this as a base for nude lips. On the lips this has a soft matte finish, that works well as a base to be paired with a lipgloss or a similarly coloured moisturising lipbalm. And what with nude lips all the range, in no small part thanks to Kylie Jenner and the Noughties revival, this blush will have you recovered. Besides, at £5.00/€6,31 how can you resist? 

I might give the Matte Malibu a try as well; it appears to have stronger red tones than just the Malibu. The Matte Rush has also caught my eye...Who doesn't need a dark coral-y pink in their lives? 

Have you tried any of The One Blush Sticks from Make Up Revolution, or any of their other blushes? What do you think of them?


  1. This looks really nice!
    xo, Laura

    1. It is! Until I find anything better, I couldn't recommend it any more.:) I especially like that they have different colours so you can find something that suits you if a shade like Malibu isn't particularly to your liking! x

  2. Sounds like a bargain, I've never used a blush stick before either but I like how you can use this on your lips as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

    1. The versatility sold me as well! And on the site it says you can use it wet or dry for different looks as well. I've yet to try it but I think it might be an avenue worth exploring! x