Ciaté Mini Mani Month Days 8-14

Sunday, 14 December 2014

"Life's too short to be wearing boring nail polish."

It's the second week of Ciaté Mini Mani Month Calendar, and so it's also only 10 sleeps until Christmas! I'm not usually this excited about Christmas, but I have been making more of a conscious effort to do so, and having an advent calendar this year certainly has helped. If you're a bit of a reforming Scrooge like me, last week I posted a little guide on how to get into the Christmas mood if you're not a Christmas person, as well as days 1-7 of the calendar

This week I got these shades: 

Pillow Fight
Glitter Jingle Bell

It is now official: I am a Ciaté girl. The shades I got this week were right up my street. I've been wearing 'Pillow Fight' all week, which is a gorgeous purple-toned grey that I unfortunately think is a calendar exclusive. Sad face. I've worn this since Tuesday, and on Sunday, without the top 'Speed Coat' that I was surprised to find behind door no. 10, and it's only just begun to chip at the tops. That's definitely the kind of durability I need from my polishes. Unfortunately 'Pepperminty' had dried out (and it's a shade I know I would have loved - mint greens are my favourite) but at least I got 'Ferris Wheel' the next day, a pretty pastel blue that's going to get a lot of wear in the spring. 'Party Shoes' is such a beautiful gold glitter with green/blue accents that I *almost* used it straight away. I still need to find a hassle-free way to remove glitter!  

This year's calendar hasn't come to an end yet and I'm already excited about getting next year's Ciate Advent Calendar, which I will definitely be getting my hands on - just try and stop me! Do you think you'd get it? 


  1. The idea of having a nail polish advent calendar is just genius and well done to Ciate for creating a nice one! The packaging alone will make me excited to open a 'door' everyday in December! :D
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    1. I think I'd be the happiest girl in the world if all my favourite beauty brands released calendars! It doesn't even have to be for Christmas - how motivating would it be to look forward to something every day, every day of the year? Though I imagine our bank accounts wouldn't be too happy... x