Winter beauty essentials: The Body Shop Vitamin E "Parténaires de rêves"

Wednesday, 3 December 2014
When the days grow shorter and colder and the winds grow harsher, my skin begins to grumble. As I've previously mentioned, my current skincare routine is currently based around the Yves Rocher Sébo Végétal Range which has done wonders for my skin, clearing up my complexion whilst making a massive difference to the levels of shine on my oil-prone face. Whilst the range is far from stripping, it's not what I'd reach for when my face is in need of moisture, and that's what it needs during the colder months. 

So when I wandered into my local The Body Shop and saw that the sell the Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream and the Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil together as "Parténaires de rêves" saving you about €10 compared when bought separately, they had to be mine. And so far they really have been proving to be dream partners in keeping my skin soft, hydrated and, most importantly, moistured.

I've been a fan of the Serum-In-Oil for awhile now as it did an excellent job of calming down my skin over the summer after I'd spent months stripping it of moisture with harsh creams without realising it (I've learnt my lesson about scrimping when it comes to face products!) so I was interested to see what results the Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream would yield. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn't wake up with oily skin as sometimes happens with more moisture rich creams - and this one is said to be for very dry skin. Instead my face feels smooth, moisturised and doesn't have that tight sensation I can sometimes get after a couple of really cold days. For now I use the Intense Moisture Cream every other night and the Serum once a week after a mask and I've found that it keeps the moisture balance in my skin. As winter progresses, I might use them more frequently, but for now my skin seems appeased. 

Do you have a problem with keeping oily skin moisturised? What products do you use? Have you tried these products?

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