Winter Essential | The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream

Monday, 15 December 2014

I love my The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream, and it still resides in my handbag for on-the go moisturising (and I feel like the sweet scent acts like a perk-me-up during these cold times), but I found that I needed something a little more moisturising. So when I wandered into my local Body Shop and saw that the Almond Hand & Nail Cream (100ml) was half-price, I knew it had to be fate. It contains sweet almond oil, which is known for its deep moisturising and skin softening prowess, as well as panthenol (a derivative of vitamin B5), to help seal in the moisture, therefore a treat for hands and nails dried by the harsh weather.

When I bought this I'd been getting an increasing number of hangnails, and one of the main causes of those pesky bits of peeling skin around the nail is dryness. I've been using this regularly for a few weeks now and have noticed a massive difference - no hangnails! I also suspect that because my nails are in better condition my nail polish is staying on just that bit longer. And though this isn't a foot cream, I've also been applying this on my feet every night before I go to sleep. I may not be not noticing a difference I imagine I would get if I used something like the Hemp Foot Protector, but the skin on my feet is smoother and my toenails are in much better condition. The fact that this smells amazing is only a plus. The sweet almond scent is actually quite understated; it doesn't hit you like the Strawberry one, so this would be great for those who don't like overwhelming scents, 

So far I'm really happy with the results, and think I'm going to invest in some other pieces from the range, using the Almond Hand & Nail Body Butter before bed for more intensive moisturising. If Almond isn't your thing, you can check out the other products at The Body Shop to create your own handcare regime. I really like how The Body Shop have you covered with a range of cleansers, oils, creams and butters. 

Have you used anything from the Body Shop handcare range? I'm particularly curious about the new Absinthe range - I thought it was a drink! 


  1. Your blog is amazing! Hope you could visit mine too :)

  2. I recently bought this hand cream along with another, and I totally agree with your review of this one! It's made my hands feel incredible, definitely will be a repurchase :) x

    ellie etc | a fashion & lifestyle blog

    1. I really need to repurchase this! My hands would thank me for it x