Make Up Revolution | Salvation Palette: Colour Chaos

Friday, 12 December 2014

The Make Up Revolution product I'll be talking about today is the Salvation Palette - Colour Chaos, an 18 eyeshadow palette packed with an assortment of bright, punchy shimmers and mattes (£6.00 | €7.58) . I actually bought this for Halloween as I needed a versatile palette with highly pigmented colours and this fit the bill. The full-size mirror that comes with the palette also really helped out when we were all getting ready and there was a shortage of mirrors. 'Tom Tom', a bright red shimmery shade was what I used to complete my Little Red Riding Hood look whereas I used the rest of the shades to re-create this Zombie Flapper look by Youtuber Desi Perkins. The applicator that comes with the palette isn't my favourite but it sure does help pack on the colour. 

I currently don't wear eyeshadow that often: I'm a glasses wearer and have quite small lids so most days I feel like no one will be able to see the beautiful shades anyway. However, I need to stop telling myself this lie as the few times I've worn this during the day, I've really liked the looks you can create with this palette. The fact that most of the colours are bright doesn't mean they're not wearable. Sure, I don't wear 'Toxic apple-tini' (the shimmery acid-green shade) during the day, but the purples, pinks and greens are definitely wearable, and the white 'TipX' and the silver 'Gleam' can just add a touch of glam to the inner eye or the centre of the lid. This is a palette that will definitely get me through the holidays. 'Deliver Me' is a gorgeous dark green and 'Gleam' combined with the dark blue 'Over-bored' would work well for New Year's Eve, matching with one of the Maybelline Colour Show Glitters. 

I currently want to get my hands on their newly released Girl Panic! palette, which I feel I'd be more inclined to wear daily but I've not yet to find a good enough excuse to get it (though I'm sure it's only a matter of time!) Have you tried the Colour Chaos palette or any of the Make Up Revolution Salvation Palettes? What did you think of them?

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