Maybelline New York Color Show | Be Brilliant! Xmas Collection

Saturday, 6 December 2014

As if having a Ciaté Mini Mani Month as an advent calendar wasn't enough nail polish in my life, when I was in my local Di scoping out St. Nicholas presents for my girl friends (which is today - December 6th - so happy St. Nicholas Day!), my eyes did a mandatory scan of the Maybelline New York Color Show display because I find this range to be so affordable for a polish that I can usually make last a week, and when I come across a colour I like, I end up loving it.

So, of course, when I saw they had a Limited Xmas Collection line:  'Be Brilliant',  the likelihood of me leaving the shop without at least one of the shades in my possession. Indecision between which appealed to me the most led to me leaving with all four in my possession. 

From left to right, the gems in this glittering collection are:

421 Purple Dazzle
420 Skyline Blue
419 Spark The Night
418 Light Up

Until I started getting Color Show nail polishes, I never really paid much attention to product names but I find that they get them just right. Don't these sound polishes that will get you through the entirety of the holiday season? 

I've yet to use them however because as much I love glitter nail polish, I absolutely loathe the removal process, so much so that I end up asking myself why I decided to get glitter polishes after I swore to only admire them from afar. However, I do believe that I have found a solution for wearing these dazzling beauties without the pain of removing them - and if my theory turns out to work in practice you can be sure that I'll be sure to share it with you. Saying that, it's doubtful that I won't be wearing one of these on New Year's Eve, removal process be damned! 

Have you tried any of these? Which would you wear for New Year's Eve? I'm not sure if this available worldwide - I think it might be a Benelux/France exclusive - but let me know if you've seen these around your area. I'll also be eternally grateful if you have any tips on removing glitter! 


  1. These colours are lovely!! I think I would go for the blue one NYE! I haven't seen them around here- but could always ask my Parisian friend to pop some in the post :)

    Jessie xx

    1. The blue one is quite stunning! I would love to find a glittery dress that shade too. Ahh, that's definitely one of the benefits of having friends all over the world :) x