First Ever Lush Purchases: Bubblegum Lip Scrub and 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion

Friday, 5 December 2014

I have a confession to make: up until the beginning of November I had never purchased anything from Lush. Now I look back it seems crazy that I would walk past the heaven of bath bombs and be intimidated by the luxurious mix of scents that would assault my senses whenever I walked past Lush on my way to Waterstones or Starbucks. It is only now that I am fully emmersing myself in the vast ocean that is the beauty world that I appreciate the years that I've missed that I could have been draining away the stresses of GCSE's in pretty coloured baths or maybe fought my acne years with something a little more gentle than Clearasil. Sigh.

Now I live in Belgium, Lush stores aren't quite as easy to stumble across. I was sad to find that the Lush in Antwerp was no longer there, and I have yet to venture to try and locate the Brussels or the Louvain-La-Neuve stores, so when I was on my home back to Belgium after a Halloween in England with my girl friends and spotted the Lush store at London Victoria, I had to pop in.

I already knew from preliminary research that I wanted the lip scrub to remedy my dry, flakey lip problem. I was almost tempted by the Christmas version, but I didn't find the scent of Santa's Lip Scrub as appealing as the Bubblegum one. It's become a fast favourite and can see a massive difference in the texture and colour of my lips: they're softer, smoother and more pink. 

Still a little overwhelmed by the bath bombs (they really are a foreign concept to me!), I wandered instead to the skincare. I've heard a lot about the Tea Tree Toner, but in the end I settled on the 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion, which contains almond oil and dove orchid. I was a little dubious at its cleansing power, only to be pleasantly surprised when I double-cleansed with a micellar water that it had removed all the grime and make up for my face! Though the scent was a little...natural for me at first, I've grown used to it and come to find it comforting, in a cleansing sort of way. 

It really is great for days when you can't be bothered faffing about with washing your face but you still want a soft, clean smooth face. Smother this one, wipe away with a cotton pad, and you're good to go! 

I might have to face my (slight) anxiety of Lush stores in the future and hunt down my local one in the new year because it's time that I stopped missing out on their wonderful products! Are you a Lush newcomer like me or a Lush veteran? What are your favourite Lush products? I'd love to hear any recommendations! 


  1. I love the bubblegum lip scrub too! I usually have really dry lips in winter and this works a treat! I'm not sure if I'm a Lush newcomer or veteran! I'll forget about it for a while, but when I do go in I'll spend quite a bit. Everything's just displayed so beautifully and the Lush stores always smell amazing! x

    1. I'm really glad that the scrub exists! Lush really does what they do really well. Hopefully I'll be a veteran soon, though I have the same tendency to not go to a place for ages and then splurge! x