Make Up Revolution | Essential Mattes Palette

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Make Up Revolution has a knack for aptly naming their products. Like the 'Awesome Double Flick and Thin' eyeliner which is indeed awesome (I tell you just how much here), their Essential Mattes palette gives you exactly what it says on the tin and for the super affordable price of (£4 | €5.05) . This palette has 12 shades of neutral matte shades that are perfect for an every day make up routine, from your white shade, perfect for creating a bright base or adding to the inside of the eye all the way to a light purple to wear on days where you want to add a subtle dash of colour to the eyes. This palette suits all skintones, and with 12 shades to play around with, you can create a different look for every day of the week with the same palette without ever feeling like you're just doing the same look day in, day out.

Though I have been trying to experiment more with the Colour Chaos palette in my every day look, the Essential Mattes palette is generally the palette I'll grab when I'm getting ready. I like to have a base for my eyeliner and the darker shades are great for adding some depth to the eyelid, or they look great on their own. I really like wearing the purple shades on days when I'm in a rush and know there isn't a chance in hell I'm getting my eyeliner even: I apply the lighter shade on my lids, blend the darker purple into the corner of my eye and along my crease, and then sometimes finish with a dab of white to highlight my eye. 

I would highly recommend this palette if you're on the look out for affordable neutral shades all in one palette. I find that most drugstores neutrals tend to have shimmers in them, and I personally don't like to wear shimmers on a day-to-day basis. And if you aren't particularly taken with the shades from this Essential Mattes Palette, be sure to check out the newly released Essential Mattes 2 palette!  Words cannot describe the amount of self control that is needed when it comes to Make Up Revolution. (Have you seen the Euphoria Palette in Bare? Or their Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Golden Sugar? If so how are you resisting?) 

I think we've established that I am more than a little taken with Make Up Revolution, ha.

Have you tried the Essential Mattes palette or any of their 12 shade palettes?


  1. Never tried ib, but I think the colors are amazing, don't like glitter too!

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    1. Thank you for reading my post and following me! I love your blog, and am especially impressed that it's entire bilingual! I have most definitely returned the favour x