Ciaté Mini Mani Month Days 1-7

Sunday, 7 December 2014

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different" - Coco Chanel

Can you believe how fast time flies? We're already seven days into December and only 17 sleeps until Christmas! Thanks to having gotten my hands on the Ciaté Mini Mani Month, I have also acquired seven gorgeous shades of Ciaté Minis in the meantime. Until I got this calendar I'd never tried Ciaté brand and I have to say so far I've not yet been disappointed. I also really like how each day has it's own quote in the calendar (the quote above is today's quote). 

The shades I've gotten so far are: 

Sequin Miss Mistletoe

My favourite so far is 'Sugar Plum' which is a beautiful purple pastel. I did need three coats of it to get a nice opaque consistency but since it dries fast enough, I don't really mind. I'm also thinking that 'Fit For A Queen' is going to be my go-to silver for accents. Silver french tips on a blue base? Yes please! If you like any of these shades I recommend heading to the Ciaté site where some of them are in their sale. 

Overall I've been really pleased with this calendar and hopefully next year I'll be able to get my hands on whatever calendar Ciaté is doing. I've seen pictures of the Mini Mini Manor and the goodies, and it looks so good. 

Have you ever had a Ciaté calendar? What do you think of Ciaté nail polishes? 


  1. These look so pretty! I've never tried ciate nail polishes before but I've heard great things x
    Ana Céline Labod

    1. Don't they just? I used to be a massive nails inc. fan but I think I'm a Ciaté convert now that I've tried them. They're slightly cheaper, slightly easier to apply and so far I think they're better quality x

  2. Love you blog! This post is awesome, would be great if you could check my blog out too. ❤