Back To Uni 2014 Wishlist - Part 1

Saturday, 20 September 2014

It’s that time of the year where some of us head back to universities and colleges. It’s a time of getting back into the books, and for me, trying to figure out what to wear as I rush around because I slept through three snoozes!

I absolutely admire the girls who treat lectures as their personal fashion shows. They look flawless, and their style always on point, but most of the time they have the luxury of living on campus, though that’s not to say my fellow commuters don’t up the style stakes either. Personally, I need something that’s comfortable, can transition through unpredictable weather (hello, layers!) and yet doesn’t look like I just threw it on without a second thought – unless, of course that’s the look I’m going for. It's true that as the assignments build up and exam season looms style often takes a back seat, but in the first couple of weeks, we’re all secretly trying to impress, even if it’s not our first year.
I picked New Look for my back-to-uni wishlist, as New Look is stylish, affordable and accessible, and there’s such a great range to suit everyone that even if you have the same peplum top as the girl sitting next to you, chances are you’ve styled it completely different. 

I've learnt the importance of a good top the hard way: that is when I'm standing in my jeans and bra staring into my cupboard wondering what I can possibly wear that doesn't clash with my jacket, cardigan or scarf. That's why I've opted for tops that have a basic feel with a subtle twist, such as the check pattern on the jumper or the sheer panelling of the black top, or the longline of the burgundy tshirt - which by the way is a perfect colour for the season! A basic crop top is essential for pairing with high-waisted jeans or skirts, and I've only begun appreciating just how much you can do when you have a plain shirt in your wardrobe arsenal. With tops, especially in winter, less is definitely more for that effortless casual look.

With the dresses I've also for a simple look with details that add a twist to your outfit without you even having to do anything. I really like the pleats on the cobalt dress! One thing that's important for me is dresses that have a little structure and a little longer so that they're less likely to blow up in the wind as the weather worsens. I also think these dresses would also work well for presentations or oral exams - add a blazer and smart shoes and you're good to go!

As the weather cools down, the jumpers come out. I love the autumnal colours of these, and there's nothing quite like accessorizing with the changing leaves. They're great for layering and can be worn on their own with a scarf on the warmer days or thrown under a coat in order to be nice and toasty. I love the idea of a leather look blazer for when you want to vamp up your look and I couldn't resist the tartan pattern of the boyfriend blazer. Keeping the tops simple makes it easier to style in the mornings and I think you can never go wrong with jumper + shirt + jeans combination!

I'm definitely hoping to get my hands on the black check jacquard jumper, the blue pleated dress and the navy check boyfriend blazer. What about you? What pieces did you like?

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