Back To Uni 2014 Wishlist - Part 2

Saturday, 27 September 2014
So here is Part 2 of my Back To Uni 2014 Wishlist. As I mentioned in the first part of the wishlist, all the pieces I've picked are from New Look : they have a great range, they're usually on trend, and hello student discount! That being said, do you ever go through a phase where you walk into your local New Lookk and you can't see anything you like? Thank goodness for their online store! My wishlist grows every time I visit the site. Plus, they have a 60% off sale on at the moment so be sure to check it out if you like your New Look as much as I do. 

As a commuting student, my shoes take on extra importance as they have to take me through ever-changing weather conditions and allow me to run for the train without falling flat on my face. I was instantly drawn to the lace up runners as they reminded me a lot of the Nike Roshe Runs, more affordable. I am so grateful for the sneakers trend. Comfort and style are always a winning combination in my books. Same goes for the velvet slip ons, which add a stylish twist to any casual outfit, whilst keeping feet dry on those rainy days. Even so, who can resist the allure of a cut out shoe? I've been eyeing the tan shoe boots for a while, and I liked the idea of chunky cut out brogues for those days you want to toughen up an outfit without doing much. The woven lace up pumps are an excellent transition piece for those unexpectedly sunny autumn days that remind you of summer, whilst the block heel boots are just what you need for when the rainstorms hit. All day lectures are hard enough - let's not add wet feet to the mix!

Last but not least - accessories! If you're on a course which subjects you to heavy textbooks, you'll know about that shoulder pain you feel a few months in because you've been subjecting it to constant torture from all the weight you've been lugging aound. A backpack is a good solution to that, and I like this quilted one which is simple, stylish and practical. (I've yet to succumb to the luxury backpack trend - I'm not sure I ever will). However, I'm more of a handbag kind of girl, and these bowler bags fit the bill: the black slouchy one for my more casual looks, and the khaki contrast one when I want to look more put together.

Every good student needs a watch, and it's personally one of my favourite accessories. I feel naked without a watch! The wrap style of this gorgeous oversized black and gold watch means that it also looks like you're wearing a bracelet without the double effort of finding one when you're rushing in the morning. That's also what I like about the necklaces I've picked. The layering gives them a statement effect without having to worry about being overdressed as with some statement necklaces. Plus I find that longer necklaces work better with scarves. 

So that's it for my Back To Uni 2014 wishlist! 

You may have noticed that I didn't include jeans or trousers, but that's because I'm a tricky customer when it comes to those and I always have a bone to pick with New Look jeans (hey, no one's perfect!) and I'm beginning to realise that jeans are better as statement pieces.

Are you a New Looker? Or do you prefer to do your back to uni/school shopping elsewhere?

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