5 Bad Beauty Habits I Need To Break Right Now

Thursday, 9 October 2014
#1 Peeling my nails

This is a stress thing for me, and instead of biting my nails, I end up peeling them. On a good day, I'll just peel my nail varnish, but on a bad day, I'll peel off the top layers my nails leaving them brittle and looking not so pretty either.

#2 Not drinking enough water

This is a no-brainer. Water has so many benefits, including reducing fatigue, improving skin and hair, and boosting the immune system which is really important during the approaching colder months and yet I find it so difficult to get anywhere near the recommended daily intake.

#3 Impulse buying skincare products

This isn't the end of the world, but this is the end of my purse strings, and even though half the time, my impulse buys work out, the rest of the time, my face ends up breaking out because I didn't take the time to research and discover that a large majority of the people who purchased the products also ended up breaking out. How can I just ignore an entire community that's there to help me make wise purchases?

#4 Not cleaning my make up brushes

It's recommended that you clean your make up brushes once a month. I've started scheduling this monthly chore into my calendar because otherwise I don't do it. Even now with make up brush cleaning day approaching, I can feel the reluctance setting in. It's so much effort. I seem to forget the effort of dealing with a break out that could just be avoided if I cleaned my brushes when I'm supposed to. 

#5 Not cleaning my glasses

I'm a glasses wearer. Concealer loves nothing more than to transfer, and more generally every day grime builds up on my glasses around the bridge of my nose, and despite being very much aware of this this, just like my brushes, it's lucky if I take the time once a month the wipe them down with a wet cloth and antibacterial face wash to make sure they're completely clean. Even if I don't do this every day, I should at least do it once a week.

Do you have similar bad beauty habits? What's the one bad beauty habit you have that you'd really like to break right now?

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