What I Picked Up In Pomelo #1

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Pomelo is a shop that opened in Namur earlier this year. It sells a bit of everything, and you can find home decoration, beauty, books, stationary - you name it! I think there's even a lingerie section. It's right in front of the train station, so it's the perfect place to wander around when you're waiting for the train to see what they currently have in stock. That's why I decided to make it somewhat of a feature, because this is most definitely not the last time I pick up a few things.

I was drawn to the aesthetics of these candles, and picked the scents White Tea and Lemongrass. I think they're from this collection. They smell amazing when you smell the candle, the White Tea a soft scent, and the Lemongrass, tangy citrus smell, almost sherbet-like smell, but when you burn them - not so much. My mum thought there was a gas leak the first time I burnt the Lemongrass and I couldn't sleep for hours after burning the White Tea. Oh well, with the news constantly mentioning the possibility of an imminent blackout in Belgium, they'll probably come in handy. I've learnt my lesson about candles. You get what you pay for (they were about €4 each, but the glass they come in more than makes up for the disappointing scents ). 

I've already mentioned this Balmi Cube Lip Balm in my September favourites - I was just so excited about it! They also do it in Raspberry which I am keen to get my hands on as I've been really enjoying its Strawberry counterpart. I was also drawn by this new brand I've been seeing appearing in shops recently: Evoluderm. Evoluderm is a French cosmetics brand that has an entire range of beauty products including skincare, haircare and essential oils.

I picked up the Rose Water Hydrating Toner as I've used a rose toner before and it did wonders for my skin. I've not yet tried it out as I'm reluctant to switch from my Yves Rocher Micellar Water, but it's something that's good to have around. I also picked up their Huile de Beauté in Carrot. My Mum has used carrot oil in the past, so I already knew it's excellent for those pesky dry patches on knees and elbows. I also want to use it on my hair after a straightening treatment mishap left me with seriously damaged hair, just to keep the moisture in the split ends. Oils are all the rage right now, and I think it's good to have a different selection for when you need to deal with different issues. 

Have you heard of Evoluderm? Do you have a shop that you just pop in and have to drag yourself out in order not to leave without buying anything?

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