An Euhnella First: Outfit of The Day

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Navy Blue Short Trench - Pimkie || Grey Oversized Cardigan - Forever 21 (similar) || Black Treggings - Pimkie || Heeled Chelsea-style Ankle Boots - H&M || Nails - Maybelline New York Color Show 352 Downtown Red

One of the first ever things that attracted me to blogging were outfit posts. These were the days when I was devouring magazines like they were going out of business, and in their glossy pages the likes of Susie Bubble and Tavi Gevinson were beginning to be featured with regularity. Curious I checked them out, and thus was my passion for blogging was born. 

Of course I told myself that I had absolutely no sense of style or fashion (as did other not so very encouraging individuals), especially when contrasted with their amazing, fresh, usually quite out-there fashion, I never even considered the possibility of ever posting my outfit of the day on the Internet, despite wanting nothing else but to blog. Though there was one defining moment that put my fashion blogging ambitions on hold (I'm sure I'll share it one of these days), nothing's truly been holding me back except me. 

Seriously, this belief that all successful bloggers are born that way is something I really need to do away with. Even though it's Internet sacrilege to say this, Beyoncé was not born like that, even if she woke up like it.

So it's with great trepidation and great excitement that I start what I hope to make a regular feature on my blog: outfit posts. I'm always curious to see other people's personal styles, and I've also noticed that some my favourite bloggers have really developed a strong personal style over time. It's really interesting having a nosey around the archives of some of the more well-known bloggers! 

I'm looking forward to sharing my style on here more often, as well as figuring out how the hell to pose in front of a wall! It was serious fun though, so expect more of these. And much more love of the heeled Chelsea boots I picked up from H&M the other day after being on the lookout for them for weeks now - I can already tell they're going to be a winter fav!

Do you like outfit posts? Do you ever look at bloggers archives to see how their style has evolved? 

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