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Sunday, 26 April 2015

The importance of having decent eyebrow game has soared exponentially these past couple of years. I like to blame Cara Delevingne for this, despite knowing that her infamous brows only cemented the importance of brow in a beauty routine that beauty editors and marketing teams were already pushing. Brows were back and the bigger the better. Or at the very least impeccably filled in, for that "your natural brows but way better" look, if you know what I mean.

I have been trying to figure out my brow game for awhile now, and unfortunately they are far from being "on fleek". I have, however, figured out which kinda brow products I like to use. 

My all-time favourite (thus far) remains the Make Up Revolution Brow Dual Ultra Brow Arch & Shape in Darkest. As the name indicates, it has two ends, one similar to felt tip marker, and the other a waxy pencil, which, armed with a spooly brush, is all you need to have the perfect brows. I was gutted when my felt tip dried up, and the crayon end came to an unusable stub. Since I didn't want to pay postage and packaging for one product (Make Up Revolution has yet to make to Belgium shops), I thought I'd venture out, and try something new.

When browsing my local drugstore, I came across the Eyelure Brow Ink in Dark Brown. I was drawn to the felt tip nib, and the fact that it's double-ended, with one thinner end to outline your brow, and a thicker taper end to fill them in quickly. The two ends made it better than the Barry M Liquid Brow Marker Pen, as you have more control over the way you use the Eyelure Brow Ink, but unfortunately, less than two weeks later, the Eyelure Brow Ink has already begun to dry up. Plus the Eyelure Brow Ink does this weird thing where the colour goes on a reddish-brown but then sets to a much darker shade, making it hard to gauge how much product you're actually putting on. 

Even though I doubt I'll be buying the Eyelure Brow Ink again, it did help me realise that the thing I really liked about the Make Up Revolution Ultra Brow is that the waxy end help control the hairs, which using just a felt tip doesn't, resulting in a messier look.

So it turns out that I'm not just any brow pen kinda girl - I'm a waxy brow pen kinda girl. Now that I know this I have my eye on: 

What about you? What kinda brow girl are you? 

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