Forza Multivitamin for dieters

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Meet Forza Multivitamin for Dieters. I received them in this month's lookfantastic box. I have a multitude of issues with the marketing aspect of these vitamins. They're specifically targeted at dieters, it's specifically tailored towards women, and there is a tad too much pink for me not to be dubious. I don't think the capsules needed to be pink. There's nothing wrong with pink, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the overall underlining message. 

My feelings towards the dieting industry aside, these are 30 capsules of multivitamins that are intended to ensure that you have enough nutrients when you're "maintaining a reduced calorie intake, avoiding certain food groups and increasing your level of physical activity". As I'm lactose-intolerant, I eat minimal amounts of dairy (I'm hoping to eventually cut it out), I'm also lowering my carb intake to transition into a Dukan/Paleo-type diet and I've recently started working out 5-6 time a week - so these vitamins actually sound like they'd be good for me. 

I like the fact that they contain 100% of the recommended allowance for biotin, as its the supplement I usually take for my hair and nails. I've also been feeling fatigued lately, so hopefully the 5 B vitamins will help with my energy levels. The supplements also come with a useful little booklet with healthy recipes, exercise tips, motivational quotes and a diet journal template. There's also an interesting FAQ section at the back with questions such as "I really struggle for motivation. What can I do to improve this?" and "I have started exercising regularly, but I'm actually gaining weight?".

I'll be taking these vitamins for the next 30 days and let you know if I notice a difference in the way that I feel. I'm doubtful that they're much different from any decent multivitamin you can pick up, but I will admit that sometimes when you're on a diet or changing your diet, it can help to have products specifically geared for that (or claim to be) just to keep motivated. 

If you like the sound of the vitamins you can get the vitamins from:
UK residents: Forza Supplements Website | £7.49
International: Lookfantastic | €10.41 

Do you take multivitamins?

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