A Make Up Revolution Haul

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Make Up Revolution can rightfully be described as having taken the beauty world by storm. There were only so many different reviews I could read before I had to get my hands on the products myself. What really enticed me about the brand was the high-end look of the products whilst being a tenth of the price. Having tried cheaper brands and being disappointed, when the words "super-pigmented" kept being attributed to Make Up Revolution products, I knew that I could hold back no more. So I made full use of the deal that when you spend over £40 you get European Tracked Delivery for the price of standard and did a little haul. 

When I picked this up, Halloween was around the corner, and I wanted to have a palette that had bright colours that I could work into my look, but I also wanted to have colours that I would wear again, and this 18-shade beauty refused to stay out of my cart. 

Who doesn't need a palette named 'Essential Mattes', with 12 shades and for a bargain price of £4? I am not a shimmery shadow type of girl, especially not during the day, and mattes are surprisingly hard to find, so getting this palette was a no-brainer. It's got all the shades of neutral a girl could needs. 

This one was another one I picked up for Halloween (I found the the lightest shades work better on my complexion for the zombie look than using a white base), but at the same time think I'm going to get a lot of use out of, as it's not always easy to find a bronzer dark enough to contour with, so the darkest colour in this palette works great for giving me those sharp cheekbones!

This one I picked up on more of a whim. It's a palette with six natural browns (three matte, three shimmery) that comes with a nude lipstick, all in a compact shape that comes with a mirror. I think what appealed to me was that it's small, easy to carry around, and with a mirror therefore perfect for touch ups or for a weekend at a friend's where you don't want to take too much with you but you want to be prepared for brunch during the day, and going out in the evening.

Like the Essential Mattes Palette, when I saw this, I knew I had to have it. It's a multipurpose blush stick that you can use on your cheeks and lips, and can be applied dry or wet for a different finish. The thing about dark skin is that our natural flush isn't pink, it's more of a reddish-brown, so this is perfect for giving my face a perk and applied to the lips it's a great nude colour. I'll go into more detail when I give the individual reviews that these products deserve! 

I needed an eye primer, so when I saw that this was a sealant as well (and apparently if you mix it with metallic pure pigment eye shade you get a foil effect), into my cart it went. I used this to keep my Halloween eye make up in place and was not disappointed, though I've yet to use this on my day-to-day make up (only the beauty fairies know why). 

This product was aptly named, because an eyeliner that can accomodate to my changing desires for eyeliner thickness is awesome. It has a thick nib and thin nib which can be used seperately, or used together when you want a thicker line on your lid and then a thin cat flick. 

Last, but most definitely not least, I picked up this brow product. I had to have it because of the promise of a super-fine felt tip. After using the Barry M Brow Pen, which became an instant favourite , I already knew that I prefer them to kohl pencils or using powder to shape my brows, but the Make Up Revolution gives you an extra little something: a waxy sort of brow pencil so you can fill in the brows you just beautifully crafted. 

More raves - I mean, reviews - about each individual products to come as I really do feel they warrant it, so be sure to keep an eye out for them! Honestly, Make Up Revolution knows what it's doing, and I know that it's a brand that I'm going to keep coming back to, whether to repurchase products or try out new ranges. 

Do you like Make Up Revolution? Do you have a favourite product? 

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