Yves Rocher Sébo Végétal Range: Great for Oily Sensitive-Prone Skin

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

If you have sensitive oily-to-combination skin then you will know that the struggle to find face care products that will keep the oil under control without either breaking out your skin or stripping it until it's a messy dry-to-oily mess is very real. There is nothing worse than realising that the face products that are supposed to be helping your oiliness are actually making it worse due to your skin's reaction. So I have never been so grateful as to have discovered Yves Rocher Sébo Végétal range.

The first product I tried was the Hydrating Micellar Water 2-in-1, which acts as both a cleanser and a toner. I saw a difference within the week, and it became an instant favourite. So when it was close to running out and saw that my local Yves Rocher offered a Complete Sébo Végétal Program Set with a €10,70 reduction to what you would pay if you bought each of the products individually, I had to get it.

The set comes with the Purifying Cleansing Gel, the Zero Blemish Gel Cream as well as the Micellar Water. All these products are said to help minimise pores and control the excess sebum leading to a nice matte finish without drying out the skin which for us perpetually oily-skin girls is the dream; a dream that is very difficult to reach without breaking the bank. I was also on the look out for a serum so I decided to give their Pore Minimising Serum a go. I have not looked back since.

The first week I couldn't believe that I actually could have an entire day without oily skin - my face is usually a lovely ball of shine by lunchtime! Having accepted that I would always wake up with shiny skin, I was shocked to look in the mirror to find my skin clear and matte without that drying pull you get with some products. It is insane how well this range has worked for me. Since I've started using this my skin has been bright, clear and, apart from hormonal spots, break out-free. 

That said, I am careful to balance out these products with more moisturising products (for example, I only use the Purifying Cleansing Gel in the mornings and use my DHC oil cleanser to remove make up in the evenings) because even though it's quite gentle, and the Gel Cream is surprisingly moisturising for a skin-clearing product, I don't want to risk stripping my skin, especially with the colder days. I have ve learned the hard-way that for me dry skin = super oily, irritated (and irritating) skin.

I still have to try the Purifying Scrub, the Purity Mask and the Mattifying Gel Cream to have tested the entire range, and they also have a a Kit Zero Defaut which is like a 7 day programme to help give your skin an extra boost when it's not looking it's usual amazing self, but right now I'm loving to products I'm using.

Have you tried any of the Yves Rocher Sébo Végétal range? Don't forget that Yves Rocher offers mail-order service to lots of countries worldwide, so if you don't have a store near you, chances are they deliver online! 

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