Slowly falling in love with organisation...

Monday, 17 November 2014
Source: Felix Meyer

I have always been jealous of super-organised people. Well, perhaps not always, but it's certainly been a while since I first begun admiring their colour-coded zeal, their use of their homework planners and then self-bought agendas for the purpose they were made and not as a coaster or to gather dust somewhere forgotten, their ability to get things done - and get things done on time. It didn't strike me until fairly recently that organisational skills are just that - skills. And skills means something that can be learnt. 

So that's what I've been trying my hand at these past couple of weeks: trying to get better organised. It's been a slow process that I'm still in the (super) early days of figuring it all out, but I'm finding that I really enjoy it. 

It all with a personal challenge to write daily to-do lists so that I could get a sense of what I needed to get done every day rather than just trying to be productive with no clear idea of what I wanted to get done. Then I started using my Moleskine Weekly Notebook, which is an 18 months planner to keep track of personal tidbits, studying and blogging. And this week I've started a bullet journal, which I've recently discovered is a great way of keeping all your to-do's, lists and inspirations in one place rather than having loads of different notebooks and sticky notes everywhere (or in my case, obscuring most of my planner and making it quite busy and difficult to use). 

Organisation is one of those things that can seem quite overwhelming from the outside looking in, however, when you're in the eye of your own crazy organisational storm, things seem a lot clearer than you could have thought them. I'm really excited about this new organised chapter of my life. Especially since it allows me to give into one of my greatest loves: stationery. Getting things done is just a pleasant bonus.

Are you organised? Have you always been that way or is something that you've learnt along the way? 

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