Answers To My Questions #1

Friday, 16 January 2015

Today I want to introduce a new feature to my blog that I'm pretty excited about. I love reading weekly round ups on other blogs, and seeing what they've been up to during week, what products they've been loving and what they've been reading around the blogosphere. I don't think that I get up to enough during the week to document (I'm such a hermit, ha), and I am dangerously behind on my Bloglovin' feed (something I need to rectify immediately) so I couldn't do a decent round up, but I do occasionally find answers to questions that I didn't know I had whilst I'm just browsing the internet, doing my thing

And so that is what this new feature is about: 'Answers To My Questions' shares bits and bobs that I discovered over the week, and presents them in question and answer form because it seemed like an interesting way to do it. Sometimes you don't realise you had a question until you see it asked, and you find the questions surprisingly illuminating. Or maybe that's just me. Without further ado, onto the answers and questions!

Q: How can I link recommended posts at the bottom of my blog?

I discovered this little gem in Cluttered Closet's article 'Blogging Tips They Forgot To Tell You' which contains tips that I would have liked to have had in a little handbook that they should give you when you decide to start blogging. Except that might suck the fun out of blogging, which is a large part about discovering things for yourself: blogging is a journey, not a destination, after all. 

Q: What is the best way to get cheap indoor lighting?
A: LED camping lights apparently. 

This tip came from London Beauty Queen's '5 Piece Blogging Photography Kit', in which she includes an LED light strip as a way to get better lighting when the weather just isn't cooperating with you. Also, I think it's taken for granted that we all live in houses that get great natural light. My room only has great natural light in summer. The rest of the time? Not so much. This post also contains some other great little tips (Blutack has saved me so much hassle now) so it's definitely worth a read. 

Q: Where can you get simple, pretty, affordable premade Blogger Templates?

I wasn't happy with my blog layout, and though I kept telling myself that I could DIY it and learn HTML soon enough, in the meantime I was feeling quite uninspired with my blog design. So you can imagine how ridiculously happy I was to stumble across BloggerTemplate on Etsy, where Bard Jeda makes great templates, that are instantly downloadable, come with clear step-by-step instructions and best of all, don't cost a fortune. My goal is to eventually have a Pipdig design, but in the mean time I am very happy with my BloggerTemplate. The templates are also on offer for $2.99 until the 18 January, so definitely check him out if you were hoping to give your blog a new look for the new year.

Q: Is there something that I can get to beat the winter blues?
A: Yes - Lumie Light

The winter season with its short, often gloomy, days plays havoc on my moods, and I've heard wonders about light therapy, but I'd also heard that the special lamps were super expensive, and so regular exercise, healthy eating and supplements was your best bet for fighting off them winter blues. So you should have seen my face when I saw the Lumie Light on ViviannaDoesMakeup's 'Evening Detox Routine'. I was like 'Yup, gotta have it'. It's a bedside lamp that you can time so that in the mornings it'll gradually grow brighter so you can wake up to light and in the evenings, you can time it to gradually get darker, so you can wind down for the night, and hopefully have a better night's sleep. Unfortunately, since they're a UK-based company, the prices go up when it's from their international stockists, so I'm putting this on my 'to buy' list for when I move back to England! 

So that's this week's Answers To My Questions. What interesting things did you come across the internet this week? 

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