Answers To My Questions #2

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Another week, another round up of this week's 'Answers To My Questions'. As you may have figured out this new feature is essentially a round up of blog articles this week that I found interesting - just a slightly different take. I'm one of those people who reads to learn something new and that doesn't change just because it's a blog post - in fact I think that gives me even more reason to read (not that I need any more reasons to spend my time perusing the blogosphere).

So here is this week's round up of the articles that answered questions I didn't know I had: 

Q: What Would Blair Waldorf Do? 
A: 'Life Lessons Blair Waldorf Taught Us' by Corrie | Dizzybrunette3 

This article actually inspired a decision to sit down and watch Gossip Girl from the beginning so I could come across these lessons myself. Even if I've seen massive spoilers (I'm pretty sure I know who Gossip Girl is thanks to my Facebook feed), I'm all about the journey, and I am still loving every moment of Gossip Girl because Blair is amazing (though I equally love Chuck), and the show is great for drawing inspiration. Dan makes me want to fill my bookshelves with books and Blair has made me want hydrangeas in my bedroom. 

Q: Why is pastel pink a tool for crushing the patriarchy? 
A: 'Why Pastels Colors Defy Misgony' by Jackie | Do It For The Irony 

I thought this was such an interesting post and one I completely agreed with. Sometimes you just have to sit and reflect on why it's okay and encouraged to wear pink as a girl when you're younger, but as you grow older, it begins to take on a slightly negative connotation.

Q: How can I overcome the fear that no one is reading my blog? 

I will readily admit that I'm a pretty fearful person, but there is nothing wrong with that - the problem comes when you don't do anything to face those fears. Jen's article really hit home, highlighting blogging fears that I have felt at one point or another and will no doubt continue to fear, and offering sage advice. 'A blog doesn't need readers to exist' is such an important point and an easy one to forget.

Q: What's a new product that everyone is probably going to be raving about? 

When I saw I saw it on 'The Sunday Girl' I was like 'yup, we're going to be talking about this one for awhile' because there's just so much to talk about: it's a primer, a mascara, and a water-resistant sealant, so it can be worn on under or over your mascara or on its own. Plus Kendall Jenner is the face of the campaign, and no one does hype quite like a Kardashian *cough* Kylie Jenner nude lips *cough* I'm looking forward to reading the reviews and seeing if it'll live up to it's promise.

What articles or new products peaked your interest this week?


  1. I think this is such an interesting take on rounding up your favourite posts! I loved Jen's advice on blogging fears too, so many positive reminders!
    Hannah x

    1. Thank you! I was a little worried that it was an odd way to do it, but in the end decided to stick with it. I really love Jen's advice too! I find her blog so grounding - she really captures the essence of being a blogger whilst remaining heart-warmingly human x